experiment time trans/sec Mbyte/sec
append: 1E6 x 64byte struct 0.06 16.46E6 1053.87
append: 10E6 x 64byte struct 0.63 15.86E6 1015.49
append: 50E6 x 64byte struct 8.46 5.90E6 377.91
append:100E6 x 64byte struct 24.58 4.06E6 260.91
write: Matrix<float> [10e6 x 16] no-chunk 0.4 0.89E6 1597.74
write: Matrix<float> [10e6 x 100] no-chunk 7.1 1.40E6 563.36

Lenovo 230 i7 8G ram laptop on Linux Mint 18.1 system

gprof directory contains gperf tools base profiling. make all will compile files. In order to execute install google-pprof and kcachegrind.

sudo apt install google-perftools
sudo apt install kcachegrind

To invoke google profiler and cachgrind visualizer type make ????-profile.

Initial result c++ struct, stl vector and armadillo indicate the library adds minimal overhead to HDF5 calls.

grid-engine based detailed test suite is in progress. This is a massive iterative case executed on AWS EC2 based Grid-Engine to measure performance. While the tests may be executed on a single process a parallel batch processor such as Son of Grid Engine speeds things up.