template <T> ds_t create( file, path, space [,lcpl] [,dcpl] [,acpl] );

Detailed Description

fd - open file descriptor or path to hdf5 file, path - how you reach dataset within file, space – describes the current and maximum dimensions of dataset, h5::lcpl | h5::dcpl h5::dapl are to fine tune link,dataset properties.

Function Documentation

◆ create()

template<class T , class... args_t>
h5::ds_t h5::create ( const h5::fd_t &  fd,
const std::string dataset_path,
args_t &&...  args 
//creates a dataset with 2*myvec.size() + offset
auto ds = h5::create( "path/to/file.h5", "path/to/dataset", myvec, h5::offset{5}, h5::stride{2} );
// explicit dataset spec
file_paththe location where the hdf5 container is created within the OS file system.
dataset_paththe location of the dataset/document within HDF5 container
current_dimsactual size of the object
max_dimsmaximum size of the object, H5S_UNLIMITED to mark extendable dimension
lcpllink creation property list identifier
dcpldata creation property list identifier
dapldata access property list identifier
Template Parameters
T[unsigned]( int8_t | int16_t | int32_t | int64_t) | (float | double)
an open h5::ds_t descriptor